When it comes to cooking, men are taking over the kitchen. These days men are looking for the opportunity to impress their loved one(s) with a tasty dish. Spice up your lives with great tasting food that presents well. Meet culinary artist, Gerard Brogdon a.k.a. “G”, who is ready to show you dudes how to cook! Each episode will feature a new guest DUDE, ready to roll up his sleeves, put on the T-Shirt and COOK. The magic is in the finished dish and the “barbershop conversations” where we all get to be a fly- on-the-wall, as they cover topics like…sports, current events, women, money, and plenty of jokes…

Season 2 will have a far heavier focus on the “guy talk”, in a new kitchen and delicious new meals. This is a show that empowers men to do something not typically recognized as a man’s activity. Merging men’s insightful life, sports, family, current events conversation over a cooking lesson to make a delicious meal for their loved one(s) is what makes this so unique. These DUDES are well informed and aren’t afraid to share. There’s humor, the power, the reality of what brings men together in a different venue…welcome to FOODS & DUDES.

The viewers will not only indulge in the talk but will also learn new recipes and how to create culinary art.

Executive Producer:  Tricia Messeroux
Co-Executive Producers:  Shawn Curwen & Gerard Brogdon
Host & Culinary Artist:  Gerard Brogdon
Director:  Tricia Messeroux
Production Company:  The TMezz Creative Group
Associate Producer:  Marilynn Elie (The TMezz Creative Group)

A juicy steak next to a succulent lobster in a white fancy restaurant. There is a plate of blurry broccoli in the background, and this delicious meal is paired with a red wine in a wine glass shown to the right. There is light in the background bokeh into octagons.
Spaghetti all'astice or Lobster spaghetti for Christmas

Dec. 2021
New Kitchen
New Dudes
New Meals
New Topics

We are now casting for Season 2

Dear Dudes,

The 2021 season 2 cast of Foods & Dudes is up for an amazing experience.  The TMezz Production crew, directed by Tricia Messeroux and hosted by our culinary artist, Gerard Brogdon, have some exciting new plans for you.  We’re looking for some really good dudes with specific qualifications.  Once you click on the link below to send in your submission, you will be contacted by a producer for next steps.  GOOD LUCK!

– TMezz Production

Are you ready to cook with G?

Cheesecake with caramel sauce on black background. Tasty homemade caramel cheesecake

Foods & Dudes (Video Series)

The pilot episode went extremely well but also went extremely left quickly…Food was falling, we found a new type of “Gucci” sneakers, a grown man cried!  Only on Foods & Dudes.

He may talk a lot as a financial advisor by day but his gift to gab while learning to cook takes Jerk chicken recipe to a whole new level.  Only on Foods & Dudes!    

A real African prince has entered the kitchen during the weekend of the Coming To America 2 debut.  What did these dudes cook?  Nothing from Africa! 

This episode is bananas!  Well, banana pudding with a whole lot of laughs.  Watch these two best friends whip up the biggest and most delicious banana pudding over some very funny golf conversation.

“The things I do for her!” Charles says as he learned how to make Salmon and pasta for his wife of over 20 years.  The only thing he can’t do is use an electric salt and pepper shaker!

This educator turned into full student in G’s kitchen, on how to cook and we believe he deserves an A+

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